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  • LED Outdoor Light Series

    LED Tunnel Light

    Product Inquire

    》Modular Construction. 
    》Fins aluminum heat sink design. good heat dissipation.
    》IP65 Rating. 
    》No mercury, UV, IR or other deleterious radiation. 
    》5 -year warranty.


    Product Description:

    LED Tunnel lights are the ideal answer for tunnel,underpass, and other places that may need lighting.

    Our Tunnel lights stand out with distinguished, simple style and use powerful PHILIPS 3030 chips for achieving high efficiency and elegant, satisfying lighting. And IIP65 rating guarantees that these lights are waterproof and can be applied both indoors and outdoors.

    LED Tunnel light (Led area and roadway light) is the best choice for outdoor lighting, combining the advantages of led flood light and led street light. The lamp body is in bright color and fadeless by baking power, not easy to corrosion, suitable for outdoor poor environment. And protection grade is in IP65, completely resist dust into it and also heavy rain. The lamp not only owns excellent appearance and easy installation, thinner, lighter and smoother, but also has a wide scope of application, used in main trunk, highway, viaduct, overpass, street, industrial area, residential area and so on.



    1. Flexible solution from 50W to 300W
    2. Mean Well driver and PHILIPS 3030 led
    3. Genuine energy efficient reliable alternative to existing HID tunnel light solutions. The modular tunnel light offer an enhanced light output through a significantly more regular uniformity and more realistic and comfortable light colors.
    4. Energy savings of up to 50-80% over existing HID solutions. Combined with a 10+ year operational life at 24 hours daily usage and a zero planned maintenance over this period, this translates into major savings to municipalities.
    5. Initial system efficacy up to 100 lm/w
    6. IP65 total luminary protection level
    7. Light weight aluminum lighting housing
    8. Environmentally friendly: no lead, mercury, or other contaminants
    9. Integrated designed heat sink improves heat dissipation efficiency
    10. Longer lifespan: up to 50,000 hours of low time luminance decrease
    11. Electrical engineering friendly: A humanized designed hanging hook makes it easy to install and mount
    12. Elegantly completed aluminum reflector, high-efficiency heat sink, and hanging hook
    13. Strong state construction makes our lights able to bear high shock and vibration



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