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  • LED Outdoor Light Series

    UFO LED high-bay lights
    》Unique designed UFO shape , lighter and smaller.
    》60/90degree beam angle.
    》Samsung 3535 LED , LM80 standard.
    》Mean Well HLG Series Driver.
    》Wide aluminum plate design, heat dissipation fast and evenly.

    Product Description

    UFO LED high-bay lights are the ideal answer for factories, stockrooms, supermarkets, gyms, gas stations, warehouses, and other places that may need lighting.

    WORLDYEA outdoor LED High Bay Lighting luminaires are designed for applications of 20 feet (6 meters) or more. A wide range of outdoor lighting fixtures provide specific light patterns for your high bay lighting applications, including maintenance lighting, warehouse lighting, recreation center lighting, hangar lighting and storage lighting,and also can adapt to moisture or other bad environments.WORLDYEA outdoor lighting fixtures provide industrial and commercial lighting to help improve safety and energy efficiency while enhancing productivity.

    WORLDYEA focus on outstanding led high bay light. Under same conditions, Our high bay lights bring a higher illuminance and lower temperature for the lamp. These make the high bay light for longer life span and durable, then saving much for repairing and replacing.

    Our high-bay lights stand out with distinguished, simple style and use powerful Samsung 3535 chips for achieving high efficiency and elegant, satisfying lighting. And IP65 rating guarantees that these lights are waterproof and can be applied both indoors and outdoors.


    1. Unique designed UFO shape , lighter and smaller.
    2. Samsung 3535 LED , LM80 standard, higher installation height and higher illuminance when compared with SMD 3030.
    3. Meanwell HLG Series led driver
    4. Luminous efficiency: 100-110 lm/w; 60°, 90° optical design.
    5. Wide aluminum plate design, heat dissipation fast and evenly
    6. IP65 protection level
    7. Working temperature: -30°C ~ + 45°C
    8. Configurable Smart Dimming
    9. No maintenance
    10. No RF obstruction
    11. Lightweight aluminum lighting housing
    12. Saving up to 70% energy savings compared to traditional lamps
    13. Environmentally friendly: no lead, mercury, or other contaminants
    14. Integrated designed heat sink improves heat dissipation efficiency
    15. Longer lifespan: up to 80,000 hours of low time luminance decrease
    16. Electrical engineering friendly
    17. Elegantly completed aluminum reflector, high-efficiency heat sink, and hanging hook
    18. Strong state construction makes our lights able to bear high shock and vibration


    • Factory lighting
    • Stockroom lighting
    • Assembly lighting
    • Big box retail lighting
    • Recreation center lighting
    • Gas station lighting
    • Corner stores and covering lighting
    • Supermarket lighting
    • Grocery store lighting
    • Space style business locales lighting
    • Spectator lighting
    • Learning environment lighting
    • Building lighting for coverings and passages
    • Innovative, semiconductor, and medicinal assembly offices


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