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  • Led grow light Series

    50W Led Plant Growth Light

    Power: 50W(50*1w)
    Size: Ф175x 60mm
    Input Voltage: AC85~264V
    Work current: ≤0.5A
    Working frequency: 50/60HZ
    Working environment: -20°-40°
    Life span: 50,000hours
    Color: Red/Blue/white/orange/yellow
    Sunlight area: 19.6 M²/3m
    Inner box: 205×205×130MM   G.W: 1.25kg/pcs
    carton box:425x425x160MM   G.W:5.85kg/4pcs 


    Product Features:
    1, Use 1w led chips we produced to make sure the quality and better cost of led grow lights
    2, All material approval with CE, Rohs, to make sure the good quality.
    3, Led chip brand, Epistar, Epi, Bridgelux,Edison, Cree,  Based on 50 x 1W high power LEDs
    4, Wide beam angle, 60, 90 ,120 degree (larger lighting area), could be customized.
    5, Unique heat dissipation device, thermostatically controlled fans to keep LED light cool. 
    6, Environment-friendly, have no mercury and other harmful heavy metal, emit no light harmful to plant.
    7, High Efficiency: 90% emitting lights can be absorbed by plants. But for traditional HPS or MH, only 8-10% is used.
    8, The lighting area and height above the plant can be changed according to different plants and environment, also technical parameters.


    1, Our LED Plant Grow lights are the higher quality units out on the market, 3 yrs warranty !
    2, Standard Ratio,Red:Blue 8:1 7:2, the special ratio is 7:1:1 use the Red(620-630nm,660nm) Blue(460-470nm),Orange (610-615nm), Yellow(590-595nm) ,UV,etc.
    3, We suggest using red wavelengths 630nm and 640-660nm, blue 450-460nm and 460-470nm. 620-630nm and blue is good for leaf plants growth, such as the trees, bonsai, lettuce; 660nm and blue mixed is good for flowering and blooming.
    4, .Built-in driver with CE certification, input Voltage AC85V ~ 264V is suitable for many different country.   
    5, The hanging height and the lighting area could be changed according to the different plants and surrounding environment, and the parameter also could be changed.  
    6, All of our material is suitable for the environment request, no any harmful heavy mercury.
    7, It is available for 14w/45W/50w/60W/90W/120W/150W/200W/300W/400W/600W, 45*2W,45*3W,300*2W,etc


    Ensure product work under standard environment
    Don't touch the surface when it working.
    Indoor use only.
    The sample test is for R:B 8:1,for reference only


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